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At Granville Law Group, we understand that one legal matter often affects another. Tax strategies can impact business decisions. Purchasing multiple properties may change your estate planning decisions.

Tell us your legal needs, and our lawyers will guide you towards meaningful solutions that meet them - all in one location. Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, we offer legal support and advice on issues related to:

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At our first meeting we will:

We will guide you through the development of your legal solutions, and what you can expect each step of the way. We are accessible by phone and email. We return messages promptly whenever you have inquiries about your file.

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Effective Tax Strategies For Businesses And Individuals

Tax law can be a complicated subject to understand. Our legal team will lead you through its complexities. Your tax issue may seem very complicated and confusing, but we can recommend strategies and solutions.

We will guide you through your legal options:

  • To make an objection to reassessment by Canada Revenue Agency
  • To complete a corporate restructuring
  • To find optimal tax strategies for your business or an estate plan

Canada Revenue Agency Disputes

If you are facing a more challenging situation, such as a dispute with Canada Revenue Agency involving filing dates and large CRA Assessments for tax owing, we will offer you a tailored legal strategy aimed at achieving an early resolution and avoiding the courtroom.

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