Guiding You Through The Complexities Of Business Law

Managing a business has many moving parts, such as setting up the business structure, preparing proper documentation and drafting effective agreements.

At Granville Law Group, our lawyers are dedicated to assisting you with creating and maintaining your business operations. Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, we offer over 55 years of legal experience effectively guiding business owners and entrepreneurs toward their goals.

Effective Business Strategies Focused On Your Needs

Our lawyers will provide you with the legal information necessary for you to make an informed decision on how you want your business to function, why and what needs to be done to accomplish your goals.

Our legal services include:

Tell Us Your Goals. We'll Find You A Solution.

No two situations are exactly alike. No legal solutions should be either. We take the time to listen, discuss, and analyze your needs and goals so that we can provide you with personalized advice, answers and options.

If you are in a challenging situation, such as a dispute with your business partner or a dispute with Canada Revenue Agency, we can advise you on strategies to resolve the conflict before it heads to court.

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