Legal Advice For Corporate Expansion And Growth Opportunities

Effective business strategy is essential for any corporate reorganization. You are then able to assess the risks involved in your goals, minimize liabilities, and optimize tax advantages.

At Granville Law Group, our lawyers have over 55 years of legal experience advising clients on corporate restructuring and their reorganizational goals. Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, we offer practical legal advice on the inter-relationship between corporate law and tax law.

Legal Services Customized To Your Business Needs

Our lawyers will work with you to develop a reorganization plan that is tailored to your needs. We will leverage our extensive experience to outline a roadmap for how you can pursue your goals, including:

  • Simplifying your capital structure (such as amalgamations)
  • Expansion advice (for example, how to limit investments to certain parts of the business)
  • Creating company groups or divisions
  • Separating parts of your business and assets within company groups
  • Preparing for the sale of your business (including qualification for the lifetime capital gain exemption)
  • Tax planning
  • Estate planning services

Aligning Your Personal Business And Corporate Business Goals

We appreciate how much time and effort you have invested in your business. We offer the same dedication to developing legal strategies that help you achieve your goals.

During our consultation, we will identify how your goals may affect other personal or corporate interests. Use of the various types of trusts, property ownership types, succession planning – we will assist you with aligning your corporate goals with real estate ownershipestate planning considerations and tax issues.

Let Our Legal Team Assess Your Business Goals

We will advise you on how to reorganize your business in a way that protects your corporate and personal interests. Call Granville Law Group at 604-757-9385 or arrange a free, 30-minute consultation to discuss your matter.