Commercial Real Estate Purchases And Financing

Purchasing or selling commercial real estate and investment properties can be a complex procedure.

Granville Law Group Will Navigate The Transaction Process For You From The Initial Contract To The Closing Of The Deal

Commercial real estate purchases involve considerable legal due diligence and preparation of many documents relating to the property and all its attributes, including any non-real estate assets incidental to the transaction and financing requirements. A few examples are:

  • Obtaining assurances from the municipality in writing that the commercial property is in compliance with municipal bylaws and zoning requirements and that there are no outstanding orders issued against the property;
  • Considering whether a land survey of the property is advisable, although in some cases it will be necessary;
  • Calculating and documenting all necessary adjustments between the seller and the buyer for rents, taxes and other property related expenses;
  • Drawing collateral agreements which relate to any non-real estate assets being transferred;
  • Considering any other agreements such as assignments of warranties and other contracts that relate to the commercial property;
  • Meeting all the legal and documentation requirements of your commercial lender and their lawyers;
  • Complying with tax laws, especially if the seller is a non-resident.

Other considerations relating to commercial real estate purchase include:

  • Opportunity for Tax Planning by choosing the most tax effective ownership structure for your situation;
  • Coordinating the closing of your purchase and the mortgage documentation from your commercial lender and their lawyer.

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