Breaking Down The Complexities Of Tax Law and Tax Planning

Creating a tax strategy that suits your business goals can be a complex undertaking. You have to ensure your financial records are accurate, and every detail of your tax strategy is compliant with existing legislation. This applies to both personal and corporate business taxes.

At Granville Law Group, our lawyers will assist you with solutions to optimize and minimize your tax liabilities. Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, our firm leverages over 55 years of legal experience in developing strategies aimed at qualifying for certain tax provisions and supporting tax positions with Canada Revenue Agency.

One of our partners, Alina Nikolaeva, is a member of the Canadian Tax Foundation. She routinely participates in their seminars. Coupled with her extensive background in tax law, Alina provides strategic, effective and innovative tax solutions for both personal and corporate tax issues.

A One-Stop Shop For Tax-Related Matters

Corporate tax strategies can impact how your company is structured, and how its shares are held. How you hold your property can affect treatment of income the property produces, as well as any tax liabilities of your estate after you pass away. In other words, the details of one tax situation often affect another.

At Granville Law Group, we are committed to helping you resolve all of your tax issues under one roof, including:

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