Tax Planning

Canada has a comprehensive tax system: income tax, sales tax, property tax, property transfer tax (PTT), commodity tax, departure tax and other various types of taxes. Most of the things we do have a tax component to it. Tax costs are determined from a consideration of the type and structure of the entity, the type of business it carries, income generated and the relationship between the parties in the business or to the transactions.

We can structure your company, business transaction or personal affairs to result in less tax costs.

Taxpayers have some degree of control over their tax costs, such as tax due on the distribution of profits or taxes resulting from Buying or Selling Real Estate or from business purchases and sales. The amount of taxes will depend on whether certain exemptions can be used which is dependent on the type of entity involved and structure of the transaction.

We advise on structures and strategies to minimize tax costs of financings, acquisitions, sales, distributions of profits and assets, changes of residency and many other situations. You can find additional information on our blog.

We save money for our clients by minimizing their tax burden by:

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