Effective Legal Advice For Wills And Estate Planning

Estate planning requires more than just creating a valid will. It includes making sure a trusted individual is given power of attorney to manage your financial and health affairs later in life if you become mentally unstable or incapacitated.

It is also about setting up trusts for loved ones, and making sure your assets will be distributed according to your wishes.

At Granville Law Group, our lawyers are committed to assisting you with planning your estate. Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, we leverage over 55 years of combined legal experience to help you develop a personalized estate plan.

Legal Options Personalized To Your Specific Wishes

There are different tools used in estate planning, such as:

  • Types of property ownership
  • Powers of attorney and representation agreements to be used during your lifetime
  • Trusts to protect your assets during your lifetime and their distribution according to your wishes after your death
  • Wills and living wills

Choosing estate trustees, legal guardians, attorneys and beneficiaries each come with their own set of considerations that can impact who you choose.

At Granville Law Group, our legal team will walk you through each consideration to assist with choosing the right trustees and guardians, for individual and corporate interests.

A Tailored Approach To Outlining Your End Of Life Needs

Our lawyers will explain all the tools available in your situation. We will present options that meet your goals and offer advice on choosing the option that aligns best with your wishes. We offer legal advice and support on:

We'll Tell You How To Achieve Your Goals

We make sure you have the opportunity to tell us exactly what you want to achieve. Sometimes, it's about changing a will after a divorce or second marriage. Other times, its is about protecting your assets from spendthrift relatives, or disinheriting one of your children, or protecting your wishes against any challenges during or after your lifetime.

Whatever situation you are faced with, we listen, ask questions, and discuss your goals and concerns with you so we can identify what needs to be done to help meet them.

Protect Your Interests. Get Legal Advice Today.

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