Enduring Power Of Attorney For Finances

All of us wish to enjoy our retirement. We should be able to harvest the fruits of our life-long labor, enjoy travelling and have peace of mind. At the same time, in our "golden years" we become older and our health and strength are diminishing.

A Power of Attorney will enable someone you trust to deal with your finances in your stead when you are not available or in the event you are incapable for medical reasons.

We Can Help To Ensure Your Wishes Are Followed

A Power of Attorney is a component of Estate Planning. It can help to ensure things go according to your wishes as much as possible, both for your benefit and for the benefit of those you love, even when you can no longer ensure it yourself.

If you have not made a Power of Attorney and are not able to deal with finances yourself, it would be very difficult or impossible for someone else to do it for you. In that instance it is necessary to apply to the British Columbia Supreme Court for an Order appointing a Committee, who may not deal with your finances the way you would yourself or may not know how you wanted your finances managed.

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